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St David’s 2011        Morley Chamber Choir

Photos by courtesy of Mike Pevsner
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The Choir before our concert on Saturday 5 April 2014


In rehearsal – Spring 2014

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Carols on the Golden Hind on 23 December 2011

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10 December 2011 in St George the Martyr

 111210a  111210b  111210c  111210d 111210f 111210e
 111210g  111210h  111210k  111210l  111210m  111210n

16 July 2011 in Temple Church

 110716a  110716b  110716c  110716d 110412e 110716f
 110716g  110716h  110716i  110716j  110716k  110716n

The next six photos from Bob Hanson

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2 April 2011 in St George the Martyr

 110412a  110412b  110412c 110412d
 110412f  110412g  110412h  110412j

18 March 2011 in the Chapel of the Savoy

 110318a  110318b 110318c 110318d

4 December 2010 in St George the Martyr

 101204j  101204h  101204a  101204g
101204b 101204c 101204d 101204f

Concert on 3 July 2010 in St Alban’s the Martyr, Brooke Street

 100708a  100708c 100708d